January 09 Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?

A Note from Pastor Mike…

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? The website mygoals.com has been tracking people’s New Year’s resolutions and according to them the most common resolution made is to lose weight. This is followed by “pay off personal debt” and “start a business”.

If you keep looking down the list of resolutions, behind such lofty resolutions as “read one book a week”, “learn more about wine”, and “update my wardrobe”, you will find that a few people said they resolved to improve their spirituality (however that might be defined). Of those surveyed some 0.21% of the people responded with a resolution that could be categorized as improving one’s spirituality. The good news is that that is up from 0.16% in 2006.

This tells us something about our priorities. While I am all for eating better and getting a little more exercise where is my relationship with God? As a people we seem to care more about improving our appearance than we do about our relationship with the King of the Universe.

This year I am making the Joshua 24:15 resolution. In Joshua 24, Joshua challenges the people of Israel to make a choice; will they choose to obey God and seek after Him or will they run after the gods of this world and idols made by man. He concludes by saying; “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

This I resolve, that no matter what it takes, no matter what it costs, no matter where it might lead me, I will serve and seek after the LORD!

I want to challenge you and us as a church family to make a Joshua 25:15 resolution together for 2009!


In God’s peace,

Pastor Mike

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