The Hrubys

Andrew and Sheron Hruby

Andrew and Sheron Hruby live in Northfield, Ohio and attend Northfield Baptist Church. Andy is a 1995 graduate of Baptist Bible Institute and is attending the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies learning Hebrew to better understand the language and customs of the Jewish People. Sheron graduated in 1995 with a Master Bible Diploma (a two year degree). Both have left secular full time jobs to minister to the Jewish people God places in their paths of life.

Ministry Goals

Their goal is to see the Jewish People of Cleveland Ohio accept Jesus as their personal Messiah and be discipled to be able to stand firm in the face of family and peer pressure.

Philosophy of Ministry

Baptist Messianic Ministries is a support ministry to the local church as well as an evangelistic ministry to the unsaved, both Jewish and gentile. They work in cooperation with a local church to bring Jewish believers in as members to the local church with the gentile believers.

Types of Ministry

Church-based Ministry

  1. Helping individual believers understand their part in reaching the Jewish people who have preserved the Old Testament and written most of the New Testament.
  2. Helping church members to reach out to their Jewish contacts through a teaching and training program, which presents Jewish culture and the needs of the Jewish people.
  3. Providing the direction to help church members establish an evangelistic calling program to reach the Jewish population in their own area.
  4. Be a source of information for interested believers with Jewish contacts seeking to establish closer relationships with opportunities to share the Gospel.

Personal Ministry

  1. Personal Outreach, which includes witnessing to our Jewish friends and contacts, and distributing tracts, and door-to-door calling.
  2. Bible studies conducted in our home or the homes of friends to act as an outreach ministry to people who would feel uncomfortable attending a church.
  3. Volunteering at Jewish Nursing Homes to establish friendships and an opportunity to share the scriptures with the unsaved people.
  4. Mailing holiday cards and tracts to Jewish friends and contacts to open the door to personal evangelism.

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