The Panaggios

Jim & Kay Panaggio – Condevilla, Peru



Jim is the country Leader for the EFC Missions Team in Lima. This involves overseeing all of the mission`s ministry and personnel in Peru, serving as Liaison with the National Church, and leading the missions in making plans and strategies. Jim is also Director of the Leadership Training School sponsored by the National Church. This school is designed to train lay leaders for the Churches of Peru.

Jim & Kay have planted a Church in Condevilla, Peru. Both Jim & Kay had the great privilege of teaching last semester at the Evangelical University of Lima, the first Evangelical University in Peru`s history. Kay teaches English to first year students while Jim taught a course on Pastoral Theology.

Jim & Kay have five children. Mark is married and is doing his PhD. in applied Math at Northwestern. Andrew is married and they will be returning to the States to attend Seminary at Adriana University with the goal of returning to Peru as missionaries. Stephen is working in Michigan and has started a video business, Bradly Productions. Maria is a junior at Wheaton studying for the medical field. Joshua graduates in June and serves in the church. The Panaggios will be on home assignment starting in June of this year.

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