Personal Study Guides

The following questions may be used to aid you in your reading. By asking this questions as you read you will be lead into a deeper and richer experience.

  • What did you learn about God, yourself or others in this chapter?
  • How do the events in this chapter relate to the overall Story of God’s pursuit and redemption?
  • What do you struggle to understand or embrace from this reading?
  • Write a one or two sentence summary of this chapter. 
  • Write out a prayer to God of appreciation or petition.
  • How does this chapter point to Jesus, or challenge you to be more like Him? 
  • Is there something you learned that needs to be shared with others?

The following individual studies will help you understand and then respond to God’s word. (Note: The page numbers have been updated to correspond to the second version of The Story.)

Chapter 1          Chapter 2         Chapter 3
Chapter 4          Chapter 5         Chapter 6
Chapter 7          Chapter 8         Chapter 9
Chapter 10       Chapter 11        Chapter 12
Chapter 13       Chapter 14        Chapter 15
Chapter 16       Chapter 17        Chapter 18
Chapter 19       Chapter 20       Chapter 21 
Chapter 22       Chapter 23       Chapter 24
Chapter 25       Chapter 26       Chapter 27
Chapter 28       Chapter 29      Chapter 30
Chapter 31